Thursday, March 10, 2016

Marketing Case Study...(Bucket-feet).

   This startup shoe company story is so unique and remarkable. As they introduce it in thier website "a serendipitous meeting of two strangers traveling through Argentina" in 2008. Those stranger or founders of bucket feet,Raaja Nemani  just quit his job and went backpacking and traveling across the six contents met by coincidence Aaron Firestein who was an artist helping bring the work of street artists to the spotlight. For their newly friendship, Aaron drew an original design on Raaja's sneekers which sparked conversations with people about it wherever he traveled. and the rest is history.

     The uniqueness about Bucketfeet is the uniqueness of their shoes,because from start their identity is built upon collaboration with artists from around the world and giving them a global voice ( reached more than 20,000 artists from more 100 countries). Their idea of a start-up in my opinion definitely changed how global small businesses will operate in future, they reinvented the wheel literally. Further to that,this will change how even big businesses build their brand  and marketing strategies. 

    The way they do business is so artistic just like the artists whose designs are chosen get $250 up front and $1/pair of shoes sold.Bucketfeet shoes are being sold in 30 countries and also sold in big retails shops such as Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom. Further to that they operate their own stores in Chicago ,New York not mentioning their first sales point which is their own website. With more than 50% of the company's revenue coming from overseas sales, the revenues
 According to Aaron might exceed $15 million in 2015

   The company value proposition (connection people through art) is so clear, not only in their brand marketing but through their product design, manufacturing and costumers.Not only their products are creative and unique which might help as less efforts in marketing, but they are young and they know their costumers (young and passionate).So they are marketing in most social media(Blogs, Instagram and Facebook).

   In my opinion they are smart marketers, they used story telling for their own startup and even thier  artists stories.They are authentic and social with their costumers and so up to date in updating events.The only draw back that might affect their growth in my opinion as a costumer (i might be wrong) is  product price wise.Unless they are focusing on building a brand name rather than mass sales.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Seth Godin's Best Story

While reading his Book" Purple Cow" I was  fascinated  with Curad brand(adhesive bandage products). They were so brave to enter in a market that is so specialized and hard to penetrate, knowing that Band-Aid brand was dominating and obviously famous. But Curad came up with a genuine product — colorful bandages with characters printed on them. as expected kids loved them and off-course who's better sneezers than kids :).

This story fascinated me, off course its like many other successful business stories. But the uniqueness of Curad story is that they merged the mind of an entrepreneur and a perfect marketer idea. First they became with an idea that is should succeed in a very hard market sector, and they went to the edge with their brilliant idea when they thought of unique marketing. Even more, they were so smart and brilliant to make the product market its self to a specific costumers who are sneezers in nature.

So from this reading I understood that if you want market your product, you should be able to invent your own purple cow. But not just that, your cow should wear a rainbow color contact lenses.  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Donate to increase loyal costumers!

I read an article today on Entrepreneur Magazine which is talking about a story of a women who purchased a winter coat  from on line retailer Zulily. But when she decided not to keep it, she contacted probably the costumers service. And then the surprise happened,  they told her not to return it but she may give it to some one who needs a winter coat or just donate it! at first when i read the story i wasn't surprised, because it happened to my wife couple of weeks ago..yup, she received a package from Carter's and it contained a 12T size girls new dresses, which unfortunately we never ordered it. So she contacted them on line and they thank her and said:  just to donate it!

I think this might be a new trend in business, which will be a great marketing idea  to gain loyalty. But is it applied to any costumer? or is it just for loyal ones? or is it a new way to increase the becomers . the most important thing i am questioning about this marketing strategy is how far it might go. I am talking about taking the advantage  of costumers sympathy to increase the brand penetration in the market. And how is business ethics are going to set the limits for it.

kleenex Tissues

I was thinking of some product to choose, when suddenly i thought how about the cartoon box i always make sure to be existing on my table every day...yes Kleenex .

- I think that their value proposition  is circuling around  softness, quality, availability for every day caring and suitable for all people.

-some of the tweets  i found on Twitter  about their products was :

  • (whoever invented  Vicks infused Kleenex is a genius), So that means the product is also caring about UNIQUE costumers also.
  • ( My wining prize from #Kleenex blogging contest, a beautiful bouquet of flowers made  with...) that is fascinating to me how they do trendy marketing!!
  • Another again tweeted about the Vicks Kleenex product ( There's #Kleenex  that smells like #Vicks its about Time).
And what i loved the most about their remarkable marketing strategy (if my thoughts are true) is the way how they engage their costumers daily life.They do that in the process of marketing their products on social media and their website. They made me feel that their products are authentic and really linked and essential thing to any person .

Thursday, January 7, 2016

About me :

About me:

Even that my major and profession is Civil Engineering and management , but i always enjoyed doing  business.I started my first business in my first year of college, i opened an antiques shop in my country( antique is one of my hobbies). I had no knowledge on how to do real business but i was always enthusiastic.After graduation i worked  couple of years as a project salesman for a building material company.Later i decided to step ahead and opened my own small building material sales company. after couple of years i closed it due to financial obstacles. For all these years i might gained  some marketing experiences, but wasn't enough to my stand up in a market that is huge with big sharks. These experiences  incentived me to learn more about marketing. From what i have learned and from couple of successful businessmen, i learned that successful marketing is the main booster for successful business.Furthermore, Global business, entrepreneuring and marketing basics principles are changing day by day.

in my spare time,i enjoy being with my wife and kids, i enjoy reading, traveling, architecture design and when i get in a bad mood i like doing stuff that require physical skills.