Thursday, March 10, 2016

Marketing Case Study...(Bucket-feet).

   This startup shoe company story is so unique and remarkable. As they introduce it in thier website "a serendipitous meeting of two strangers traveling through Argentina" in 2008. Those stranger or founders of bucket feet,Raaja Nemani  just quit his job and went backpacking and traveling across the six contents met by coincidence Aaron Firestein who was an artist helping bring the work of street artists to the spotlight. For their newly friendship, Aaron drew an original design on Raaja's sneekers which sparked conversations with people about it wherever he traveled. and the rest is history.

     The uniqueness about Bucketfeet is the uniqueness of their shoes,because from start their identity is built upon collaboration with artists from around the world and giving them a global voice ( reached more than 20,000 artists from more 100 countries). Their idea of a start-up in my opinion definitely changed how global small businesses will operate in future, they reinvented the wheel literally. Further to that,this will change how even big businesses build their brand  and marketing strategies. 

    The way they do business is so artistic just like the artists whose designs are chosen get $250 up front and $1/pair of shoes sold.Bucketfeet shoes are being sold in 30 countries and also sold in big retails shops such as Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom. Further to that they operate their own stores in Chicago ,New York not mentioning their first sales point which is their own website. With more than 50% of the company's revenue coming from overseas sales, the revenues
 According to Aaron might exceed $15 million in 2015

   The company value proposition (connection people through art) is so clear, not only in their brand marketing but through their product design, manufacturing and costumers.Not only their products are creative and unique which might help as less efforts in marketing, but they are young and they know their costumers (young and passionate).So they are marketing in most social media(Blogs, Instagram and Facebook).

   In my opinion they are smart marketers, they used story telling for their own startup and even thier  artists stories.They are authentic and social with their costumers and so up to date in updating events.The only draw back that might affect their growth in my opinion as a costumer (i might be wrong) is  product price wise.Unless they are focusing on building a brand name rather than mass sales.

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